Insta food

My instagram winterswallow serves me mostly for egoistic self portraits and food.. So here is what I ate:

1. Breakfast in Gothenburg, musli, kessela and barries and many other good things... 
2. Back to Malmo with an artichocke.
3. Lunch: Mashrooms, chicken, halomi... nom,nom...
4.  Another typical breakfast: scrambled eggs with paprika , milk and cherry-sos and a Cola/vanilla.
5.Hey sushi I love you.
6. Hallonfil, lingonbread with cheese and butter for breakfast.
7. Different cookies for friends birthday! Oh you lemon cake!
8. Made scones one morning. Used yogurt. Awesome <3 Try it. Just replace half of the milk with yogurt.
9. Left-over tacos with creme fresh and lingon bread.


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