Belgrade last summer 2011part 1.

Before I started bloging 2011 I went to Belgrade, and since I won't be able to blog in few days I thought to share some photos. As you probably will notice I was much thinner. Have to get back to that weight. Just don't feel as happy now.
First day was pretty much just shopping in the city centre.
I wore this hat everyday, I think it is from Lindex, not sure though.
The jupsuit from H&M and the shoes from DinSko.  In the background one of Serbian kings.

We ate almost everymeal at the restaurant I recommended earlier: Russian Tzar.
And I would get roses from my boy every day.
It is very hot in Belgrade during summer around 32 C.
However luckily for us in the main pedasterian street Knez Mihailova
one can cool off with nice summer coctails.
They are also very cheap for Swedish standards ranging from 2-5 euros, and sometimes even less.
We concluded the day at Kalemegdan's park. Kalemegdan is Belgrade fortress,
unfortunately I don't have any photos of the fortress itself, but Wikipedia does. So CLICK
It truly is beautiful and there are many small shops in the park where you can by very cheap jewlery and souvenirs.  The rings I am wearing in these photos are both from there.
The second day I picked white to wear. All from H&M.

This day we planned to visit both Tito's burial place and Milos Obrenovic's palace. For those who don't know, Tito was Yugoslavian dictator who was however loved by his people. Not a single person I know that lived during that time coplains about Tito. 
He now represents something long time lost and nostalgic.
Obrenovic is however the founder of the second Serbian royal family after Karadjordje. Only to be succeded after some time with the first one again.

This is the place where the summits were held by the Yugoslavian Communist Party on special occasions.
To reach Tito's mausolem one has to go further uphill, on the little trail decorated with roses, and surrounded with Tito's sculptures. Very much a cult of a person.
We finally reached the mausoleum. Tito's grave is simple white marble.
Around it there are rooms with personal belongings.
Tito's family did not inherit anything of his wealth and property. All was returned to the state.
But clothes and etc.
And now from  hardcore communism to hardcore monarchy. Milos Obrenovic's palace is interesting for two things:
centuries old tree afront of it and a restaurant accross the street with awesome food. 
Its park is also lovely but we did not walk long due to 35 C outside.

The tree is so old that the branches have to be held in place with the metal poles.
There we go: that was part1. Next post more to come. 
If you are interested in something else about Belgrade tell me so this time I go I can write a post about it.


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