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Metallic and black fur

Fur jacket: Calliope
Ripped jumper: Kappahl men
Blouse: Zara Knit on Sale
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Dr.Martin's
Pocket watch: Famous Ape
Another post with the same jacket but a very different outfit here.


Eggs and caviar,toasted bread with butter, tea and oranges. Mmmmmm <3

A heart in frozen city.

Malmo is just so cold and frozen and rainy and Gothenburg-like. Damn. Give me spring!
ps. Someone shared some love...notice the heart! Adorable.

Small lighting-bolts and silver

I managed to take some photos with a different phone. Not amazing quality but here is at least an outfit.

Jumper: Massimo Dutti
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Indiska
Shoes: Nowhere

Home details

I am still having some camera issues but here are some details that I managed to take photos of with a phone.
I live in a very small flat, or to be precize one room, but I try to give it some personallity.
What do you think?
Like puffy skirts in window and an adorable poster I found in Monki magazine. Dreamcatcher and flowers.

The Help

There is a wonderful wonderful movie I would like to recommend. The Help. It is a story about colored maids living in 1960/s and working for white families raising their childeren. When children grow up, however, they become just like their mother's and consider themselves supperior due to race and color. It is a wonderful emotional movie about how prejudiced people can become. So much even that their love gets blinded. Watch it!
PS. When it comes to fashion: just look at those amazing lovely dresses and the hairstyles. Ah!
All the photos taken from the official site.

Camera issues and a test

Today I was doing a test. Ah, damn hate that. 5 hours it was. Then the phone with which I take blog photos with died! IT DIED ON ME! 
So here you get one crappy shitty photo! Sorry. Please do come here. The phone is going to a service and I am so gonna buy a camera.
Ah, terrible.Anyway I wore:
Blouse: Zara Knit on Sale
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Indiska?
Have a nice weekend.

Zara favorites

This year I am in love with Zara's collection.   <3 Here are my favorites. Wants!

Valentine's day details.

Here you have just 2 details. Cups from Lagerhause that we drank tea from, and rose turkish delight shaped as a heart. 
Happy Valentine's day. 

Blue and birds

Somehow my camera never works properly or the light sucks, so I can not really show one of my favorite blue vintage set. First I kinda failed here, and now I kinda failed today. I hope you still see it and like it.
Vintage Blue Set: My mum's
Mustard Colored Vest: Massimo Dutti
Shoes: Dr. Martins

Missing Gothenburg

Malmo is lovely, but I do miss Gothenburg sometimes. The city and its colours. Sunshine and coffeebreaks. Summer.
These are some of the photos I took an early autumn 1,5 ago. Hope you like them.

Green and vintage earrings

I am all green today. And here are the oldest earrings I own, a pair of Egyptian hand-made metal earrings that my mother bought almost 30 years ago  in Egypt. 
Hope you like them.
I am wearing:
Shirt: Esprit
Earrings: Vintage
Throusers: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Metal, silver and big hair.

This big hair is not ilussion it is how my hair actually looks. I know: A big mess!
Here to show are my new Converse. And the belt. Other orders were wrong. Pih.
Shirt: Kappahl Men
Belt:Nelly Trend 
Jeans Shorts: Levi's
Shoes: Converse in silver

Three things coming my way.

These are new things I ordered from I find them a bit strange, especially the shoes and tights but I don't know why, I am in love.
What do you think?

Color shock tights and H&M skirt.

I found another lovely thing in H&M the other day. A wonderful black and white skirt. I am really happy with their latest collection. Beautiful. 
I decided to go a bit bold with colors, since I found these amazing tights in Shock.

Top: Monki, very very old
Suit jacket: H&M sale
Belt: Kappahl
Skirt: H&M
Tights: Shock
Shoes: Nowhere
The bird necklace: H&M

Flick favorites as wishes.

Here you get this months flickr favorites in form of my wishes or rather what I wish for at the moment. wallpaper Tea Cup Study 2 His Hands Under the apple tree bed. see Stan Paris
So I guess you understand: A wonderful tree wallpaper, tea cups, a retro camera, his hands on my back, tree bed, a cat and a trip to Paris.
What about you? What do you wish for?

Flowery tights.

Here is one of my fast outfits. Just to put something on  before I head out. And my new thick flowery thights that I bought in a supermarket. xD

Shirt (collar visible): Massimo Dutti
Jumper thingy: H&M
Belt: Kappahl
Skirt: Red Cross for like 10 kr. 
Tights: City Gross supermarket have no clue what brand
Shoes: Dr Martin's

Without make up and a hairstyle

When it is so cold I don't have any wish to go outside or to dress in anything but my blanket. So sometimes I just spend time making new hairstyles or cooking.
And here you get one of those and also me without make up. I don't wear anything like foundation anyway but it feels so strange without lipstick. What do you think?

A list about 4.

Another list. Again

Fyra saker jag önskar mig:
Fantastiska betyg.
ljusa dagar med mycket skratt.
Dr Martins Diva Darcie Högklackad

Fyra saker jag tycker om:
gamla saker
Fyra saker jag gjort idag:
drack te
var nervös
åt Merci
lyssnade på First Aid Kit
fyra saker jag önskar mig:
Fantastiska betyg.
ljusa dagar med mycket skratt.
Dr Marti

Fyra saker jag ser på tv (dator):
once upon a time.
downton abbey
game of thrones
true blood

Fyra saker jag längtar efter:
min mamma
Stolen from here.

An iron coin purse.

Look what I have found in the antique store exibition in Belgrade. It is an old fashoned coin purse I believe. If anyone knows more about this kind of purses, the time and origin please do tell me.Loving it. xD

New hairstyle and silver collar.

I found this wonderful wonderful shirt in H&M. It is simply wonderful. Last night I looked a bit around this blog, and got very hair style wise inspired, that I had to try and make something similar.
Here you have it.
Shirt: H&M
Skirt: Vintage (you can see it here as a part of another outfit)
Tights: Indiska
Belt: Kappahl
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

The first semla this year.

I know I am bit late. But here is the first one anyway. And, mmm it was goood. And macarons of course. P.S. Don't buy the orange ones they are not nice. 

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