Dr Martin's

Happiness. I own a pair of insulated Dr Martin's from now on. Love love love them.
And this lovely flowers were a part of my day as well.
Jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Only
Jeans: Levi's
Shoes: Dr. Martin's
Bag: Friis and co.

Gold and 50's

Oh, dear here goes one of my more feminine outfits.
Jumper: No clue
Belt: Second hand
Skirt: Vintage *Mums (The opening in the back is not really that big... xD Photo neccessity)

I stole a hat and I ain't returning....

I am the girl that steals roomate's hat.
Jumper: Esprit
Skirt: Vintage ? Mom's xD
Thights: A gift
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

p.s For those of you who are interested to know more about me be free to ask. I do understand Swedish completely although I am shy when it comes to speaking. 
Lots of kisses

Monki inspiration

As you might know Monki has a web shop HERE.
Here are my favorites. xD Have a nice day.
Btw. I will be posting more of the inspiration posts soon, if you like them. Next one nelly.com. Kisses.

Green and silver in her hair.

As told here comes my H&M find. Although terribly out of my comfort zone I like it. Little bit 70's don't you think? The jumper is one of my favorites and it is really warm. However due to the terrible weather the coat had to get on.
Now I am going back to my LULA and Kinder Bueno. Mmmmm. \<3

Jumper: H&M 
Throusers: H&M
Shoes: Din sko

Flickr favorites

Sneaky Terrorist I Love Thith book Time take us forward {33/52 2010} Thank You Flickr Friends! Reflected Cats / Kittens / Animals / Photography

Like my grandma...><

My grandmother used to wear lingerie like this. I love it. This is a modern day version I guess, from Lisca. But it makes me quite flatchested actually. Also it is very tricky to get used to and it makes clothes look different.
The skirt is vintage found in Mon Cheri store in Gothenburg and is very small in waist (32/34). I am 36/38, so can not breathe properly but it is worth it. ><
Shoes are the beloved Jeffrey Campbel's and the scarf is Repeat. The rest? I have no clue. 
I have found something lovely in H&M today. Completely out of my compfort zone but will show later. xoxo

Silver? Metalic?

Another thing I have bought. H&M silver throusers. And we are in love. Our relationship is blossoming. 

Jacket: Vintage/ My mum's bought in Berlin in 80's 
Blouse: Mona
Throusers: H&M
Boots: Replay

If they were red I would be in Oz.

Had to show my latest catch from Zara. I love them I love them I love them. 
The shoes!!!!
Shirt: Only
Jeans: Lacoste
Shoes: Zara

Tomorrow I show you what I found in H&M and another lovely thing from Zara. 

There is a blue kid in town.

Suit jacket: Vintage
Shirt: Only
Tie: Vintage
Skirt: Vintage
Thights: Have no clue
Shoes: Din sko
Bag: Friis and Company
Figured out that I have only outfit posts. Has to change.  Today I robbed Zara will show you my latest catch. And I found what I have been really looking for in H&M and yesyesyes it fits.

Sunshine and bow

Dress: Atmosphere. Was a gift <3 
Coat: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Friis and Company

Jeffrey, I am hooked!

Fur jacket: Calliope
T-shirt 'The Beatles': H&M 
Throusers: Monki
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Bag: Friis and Company
I have finished my Liberalism exam, so I HAD to award myself with another Mr.Campbell's shoes. Now that they are mine, we are in love. 

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