I tried to put some kind of header up. Also changed the design a bit. I hope you like it. 
Marry Christmass by the way. I am in Bosnia at the moment, so to all those people 4 of them that come to this place: you will see a lot of Bosnia on this blog from now on until January 10th. 

Many layers and the H&M t-shirt

I got tips to wear my new H&M shirt with tight jeans and boots, but unfortunately I felt a bit weak and sickly today so it got to be a more tough outfit with a lot of layers to keep me warm.
Jacket: Vintage from 80's 
Green jumper: Zara
Shirt: Only
T-Shirt: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Dr. Martins

Tango in the kitchen.

My latest ambition is to learn tango. It is funny as you can see and so so bloody hard.
p.s Any other suggestions about an outfit with this shirt.

Downton Abbey

If you are into period drama, and even if you are not you have to watch this show. A brilliant cast including Maggie Smith and witty witty and interesting responses makes the series absolutely stunning. Whoever wrote the script should be cast in gold.
And the clothes, oh, the clothes. Look!
Photos are from google and here is a taste of the absolutely brilliant lines by Maggie Smith.

The girl with the dragon tattoo.

I walked by H&M today. So I thought to look the new The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo collection. 
I was really looking forward to it but almost everything was already sold. Thankfuly the shirt I wanted in the first place was not sold so I have bought it. What do you think?
It is much darker than in on the photo. Do you want to see it with some specific garments e.g leather skirt or such if my closet will allow it of course?! xoxo

Blue and ear cuff obsession

Another ear cuff for me. And a new H&M dark blue cardigan. 

T-Shirt with collar: Massimo Dutt
Cardigan/ Jumper tingy: H&M
Jeans: Cheap Monday
Shoes: Dr. Martins
Bag: H&M

Anna in my window.

Here is how my window looks. And there is also Anna, a dress from BIK BOK by Jenny Skavlan. I am in love.


What do I eat? 
I truly love food. Adore it. Somehow never remember to take photos of it. Well well. 
I had a friend over today. She made dumplings. Yum, yum. 

Food today.
Musli and cherries for breakfast. I made this card.Do you like it?
Dumplings with chicken and mushrooms.
Chocolate/banana cake
If anyone would like the recipe or has something interesting to share please do. I love food.

Polka dots and a bird cage.

Outfit I promised. It was so windy so the skirt did not want to cooperate. xD
Top: Massimo Dutti
Skirt: Monki
Belt: Kapphal
Thights: H&M
Necklace: Indiska

09.12.2011 Day

I thought to share some of my day.

Looked through the last days purchase in the morning whilst skyping with mummy.
Original Black Sabbath in Belgrade this summer!
Then I planned to visit some second-hands here in Malmo... So I got ready.
Underskirt had to go on. So cold today. Outfit coming tomorrow.
Little bird-cage necklace preview. 
Then it was time to go. First destination Myrorna. xD
Did not find anything. I was actually looking for a chair... Nothing nice though. :(
Found a couple of cute dresses but nothing in my size.
Then it was Humana. Just around the corner. Found a lovely dark green dress but was too
cold to actually take off my clothes and try it on. Tomorrow maybe.
Checked few other shops. Found some lovely too expensive 50's dresses and shoes I am
still drooling about. Maybe next month. xD Ambrosia bakery as consolation price.
Got some Lusekatter, cookies and macarons, and in my perfectionist despair hit the
Lagerhouse after I have concluded I have no presentable cookie bin. So I bought some.

Then I went home and read a chapter in Haruki Murakami's Kafka on the Shore. Ah so lovely. 
A friend was coming over. Tea and cookies time. Whoop whoop. xD
We watched the terrible but addictive Toddlers and Tiaras and then it was time for her to
go and for me to surf online aimlessly. xD 
The children that are stipped off from their childhood for no reason. Well well...
click for source.

Studs and spikes

Shirt: H&M
Jumper: Zara
Throusers: Cubus
Shoes: Nelly Trend
My new shoes are here. Not really comfortable but too nice not to wear. xD

Fashion and beauty Flickr favorites.

Some inspiration for New Year and Christmas.

braids collar,peter,pan,red,tartan,plaid Lace Sequins Patent leather high heels studding galore

50's and Jeffrey

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Last year at this time.

I danced in snow in my grandmother's silk dress.
Gimme snow.

Forget your boyfriend shoes.

I have just klicked home some shoes form
Here they come.

I can not wait to get them. They are wonderful. What do you think?

What I want/ Polyvore


Wishlist by jasmina-lavic

p.s If you click on the photo you can see where are these things coming from. xoxo

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