Malmo is lovely, but I do miss Gothenburg sometimes. The city and its colours. Sunshine and coffeebreaks. Summer.
These are some of the photos I took an early autumn 1,5 ago. Hope you like them.
I am reposting these because in couple of hours I will be there. Gothenburg. Ah <3

Blue bow

Another hairdo. xD

The cherry blossom girl pour Etam

Yesterday this box came from post.
Inside lots of red silk paper and a note from my lovely friend that lives in France and sent me this beautiful gift. Ljub= kiss.
And then inside the wonderful The Cherry Blossom Girl pour Etam Gilda langerie.  Ahhhh... <3
Ah, in love.
And click here to see how it looks on lovely Alix.

Lolita and many rings

P.S. New glasses and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE them.


I tried this classic 50's way of rolling the hair into little curls, or rather little round thingys. What do you think?
Lately I have been quite hair obsessed. So I also wanted to ask anyone who comes here if you would like too see other things such as my apartment, more daily-life round and abouts, and such... 

Please do tell me.

Easter eggs

Today, I colored eggs. My background is both Orthodox Christian and Bosnian Islamic but I decided to color them today regardless of religion. I used traditional ortodox way of putting eggs into female stockings with leaf or flower on them and then into the paint. It leaves interesting prints.

A bow.

Another hairsyle. If you want any like tutorials you can buzz me.


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50's scarf

Tomorrow I had this hairstyle. 50's inspired hairstyle with a scarf. In this lovely magazine Min Budoar I found how to tie it and so here is the result.  What do you think?
P.S Honestly, I always leaned more toward 50's and now that spring is here I feel like I am about to adopt that style as mine. Maybe....

Teapots and spoons

I found some lovely things. And I instantly fell in love. What do you think?

1. A necklace
2. And two bracelets
All from Bijou Brigitte


Top: H&M
Seetrough shirt: H&M
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Love ring: Glitter


My new Doc. Martin's are here. Loving them so much. They scream spring! What do you think?

Innocent and hidden treasure.

Oh, Topshop! I don't understand why there is no Topshop in Malmo? I grabbed my opportunity and when in Copenhagen I bought some lovely tights that you will see soon and these too beauties.
A perfect nude lipstick (for me at least, I have strange lip colour) called Innocent and nailpolish the colour of spilled oil or petrolgas called Hidden treasure! I still have to try on the nailpolish, but that will come too.
Ah, ah love!

Copenhagen surprise and a heart.

What have I done these past few days? Well, slept mostly but also:
1. Painted an anatomic heart and hangged some nice vintage like photos from Ikea on my wall.
2. Got orchids and inside: Guess what? A train ticket to Copenhagen! So tomorrow I am off.  XD

Mum, you are embarrassing me! But now I want it!

This is my set on Polyvore which represents an outfit by mum mom. When I was little, I found it quite strange, now I would love to wear something like that. What do you think?
But now I want it.

But now I want it. by jasmina-lavic featuring clutch handbags

Tulips,pastel nails, and sequinned.

Happy belated 8 of March. Details of my day:
1. Tulips
2. Pastel colored nails
3. Awesome sequinned skirt from H&M

Stop Kony!

Now, from the bottom of my heart I would like to ask you to watch this video. And get engaged. Because last thing we need is another conflict and more suffering.


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A heart in frozen city.

Malmo is just so cold and frozen and rainy and Gothenburg-like. Damn. Give me spring!
ps. Someone shared some love...notice the heart! Adorable.

The Help

There is a wonderful wonderful movie I would like to recommend. The Help. It is a story about colored maids living in 1960/s and working for white families raising their childeren. When children grow up, however, they become just like their mother's and consider themselves supperior due to race and color. It is a wonderful emotional movie about how prejudiced people can become. So much even that their love gets blinded. Watch it!
PS. When it comes to fashion: just look at those amazing lovely dresses and the hairstyles. Ah!
All the photos taken from the official site.

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