The Help

There is a wonderful wonderful movie I would like to recommend. The Help. It is a story about colored maids living in 1960/s and working for white families raising their childeren. When children grow up, however, they become just like their mother's and consider themselves supperior due to race and color. It is a wonderful emotional movie about how prejudiced people can become. So much even that their love gets blinded. Watch it!
PS. When it comes to fashion: just look at those amazing lovely dresses and the hairstyles. Ah!
All the photos taken from the official site.

Postat av: Jennilie

Sv: Thank you thank you so much!!

2012-02-19 @ 14:41:05
Postat av: Jennilie

Sv: Thanks and yes, super cool! ;) Thank you so much for your nice words. And I agree with you, almost everyone here in Sweden dress the same. Kind of booooring.

2012-02-21 @ 22:10:45

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