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I was born in 1992 in Bosnia in the second largest city of Banjaluka. So, i thought to show you some bits and pieces.
Banja Luka City View
So welcome to Banjaluka!
Banjaluka is famous for its greenery and beautiful women. They say it is 7/1 ratio between women and men. XD The river Vrbas runs trough the city and the Roman fortress Kastel lies on its coast.

VRBAS  2008 Kastel-banjaluka Kastel, Banjaluka: One rainy day
The last few years during the summer the fortress is the host of a festival: Demo fest wich is free and excellent way for new young bands to get a contract deal.  It attracts a lot of young people and every summer I am attending. Fun and free!
Nektar Demofest
The town itself has a lot of history. From both the communist era, once belonging to Yugoslavia, and also religious diversity that has changed troughout history.
Overlooking the town is a monument to the heros of WWII. The hill itself serves as a meeting point for the summer picknicks and barbaques.
Tito Monument Tito Monument
In the 1969 a earthquake of a large scale shook the city and the clock in the town square stopped. Today, the clock still stands as a reminder and as the meeting point. Whenever you need to meet up with someone in the city you say: Lets meet at 8 by the clock.  Everyone knows. It also is at the begining of the main pedestarian street so quite convinient. xD
Sat koji pokazuje vrijeme kad se desio zemljotres 1969

Other landmarks of the town are: City Councel building, Church of the Christ the Saviour and The Ferhad-pasha's mosque both demolished in the wars, the letter still in rebuilding process.
Banja Luka City Counsil
Hram Hrista Spasitelja Banjaluka FERHADIJA  BANJA LUKA  2008
So, this is where I was born and spent my childhood, mostly. Went to school, and loved the city. Other interesting things you might see are: pensioners playing chess, lots of greenery, beautiful girls, lots of stray cats and a very good night life.
one day I'll have 30 cats

Postat av: Dzana

Åh mina föräldrar är ifrån Prijedor men har dessvärre inte spenderat så mycket tid alls i Banja Luka, vilket är rätt konstigt?! Demo fest låter ju jättekul och kul är något av det sista som jag tycker fyra veckor i Prijedor är... Mer intressant att se från någon UNGS :))) perspektiv haha!

2012-05-04 @ 20:39:13

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